action motion

1/ 1000th sec/ f11 /50 mm
1/1000th of a sec/ f11/ 50mm
1/ 1000th of a sec/ f11/ 50mm
1/1000th of a sec / f11/ 50 mm
30th sec, f11, 50 mm
30th sec, f11, 50 mm
500th sec, f11, 55 mm
500th sec / f11/ 55 mm

good techniques for taking action motion pictures are, using things like tri pods or panning. one of the most important things about motion blur is keeping the camera still. that’s why when most action motion pictures are taken they use tri pods. its important to also control the lighting. ways to do that is to use shade or to adjust your iso.

more techniques for taking action motion pictures include using panning to get the particular image your looking for. you can use panning to get the certain type of motion pictures you want. you can use still areas to get motion picture you want.


f11 500th of a second iso 400 M 18 mm

I like the angle in this photo because of how the way the road looks. I like my photos because I like Campbell soup. I chose this photo of the road because of the angle and how peaceful and quiet


I used this photo in my shadows assignment because I like the way all three shadows looked together.
I chose this photo because I liked the pose, and its a photo of me and my migo. the photo looked nice because the way the shadows are detailed

I chose this photo because I thought the girl taking the photo was probably cute. overall I think the photo was cute and the shadow and pose looked very nice.



f11, 1000ss, iso 400,lens 18mm, m

f11, 1000ss, iso 400,lens 18mm, m
f11, 1000ss, iso 400,lens 18mm, m

I choose the image of Kyrie from the web because He’s my favorite basketball player and the best in my opinion. I choose this photo because it has Kyrie handling the ball which is his specialty and most people would say he is the best of all time at it. My first photo is an homage too Reggie’s shoes cause I thought they were fresh. My second photo was chosen because I thought she looked nice in the photo so I edited it to look better. my final photo is another homage to Anthony he has been MIA for three days. i suspect he has gotten Covid and we will never see him again he dearly missed by his shoulder buddies and Reggie.

what I learned about camera exposure and camera modes

A shutter speed determines when the camera the sensor will be open or closed to incoming light from the camera lens and how long the camera shutter is open. The aperture setting control how much can pass threw your lens. ISO how sensitive the camera is to incoming light. and the cameras exposure determine how light and dark the images are .